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International Astrocyte School

International Astrocyte School

Bertinoro, Italy • 26 March - 1 April 2023

Bertinoro, Italy
26 March - 1 April 2023


The School will be held at the University Residential Centre of Bertinoro:

Via Frangipane, 6
47032 Bertinoro (FC)


Information about this beautiful medieval fortress recently converted to a modern conference venue is available through the Centre's website.

Getting to Bertinoro

By airplane

The closest international airports serving Bertinoro are Bologna (Aeroporto "Guglielmo Marconi" di Bologna; BLQ; 100 km away), Rimini (Aeroporto Internazionale "Federico Fellini"; RMI; approx. 54 km away), and Forlì (Aeroporto di Forlì "Luigi Ridolfi"; FRL; approx. 12 km away). Although furthest, Bologna is the airport with more international connections and is generally the airport of choice. It is also the airport from which the organisers plan to offer transfer services to Bertinoro (more information through your personal myIAS page).

If you fly into Bologna, be aware that there is a regular shuttle service between the airport and Bologna central railway station. More information is available here or ask at the airport.

By train

Using the Bologna-Rimini line, several trains stop at Forlì (if you plan to take a taxi, you may also get off at Cesena, as the distance is almost identical). Forlì railway station is approx. 14 km away, while Cesena is approx. 16 km away. Taxis are available outside both railway stations and should cost about 30 EUR—you are advised to ask before starting your trip. A closer railway station is Forlimpopoli, but this is served by fewer trains.

Timetables of trains can be found at the Ferrovie dello Stato website.

By bus

From outside the train station at Forlì, bus no. 134 takes you to Bertinoro. The most up-to-date timetable known to the organisers is available here (in Italian). More information on public buses can be found here.

By car

The motorway serving Bertinoro is the A14. Take the exit Cesena–Nord (Cesena–North) and follow the E45 to Cesena. From Cesena, follow the SS9, "Via Emilia", towards Forlì. Pass Capocolle and then, after Panighina, follow the SP65 to Bertinoro. From the motorway tollbooth at Cesena-Nord to Bertinoro, it takes about 15-20 min.

To plan your car trip, we advise one of the many online services freely available.

Information about current traffic conditions throughout the Italian motorway network can be found at the Autostrade per l'Italia website.